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[25 Jun 2007|02:54pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let everyone know that The Militia Group has a brand new official community on Livejournal. Come check us out at themilitiagrp. We'll have news on our current artists and some of our alums, and links to the latest media and releases. Come say hi!

<3, TMG Faye

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[06 Feb 2005|08:00am]

has anyone heard big collapse's track off Policia: A Tribute to the Police?

I haven't yet, and i was wondering if it's worth buying..I've heard the rest of the songs and they are amazing, but still haven't heard BC's.

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Hmmm [12 Nov 2004|12:06pm]

I don't know if this community is still alive but... She has the advantage of consistency...Collapse )
Warning: Lots of big photos.
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Tour dates: [15 Jun 2004|05:08pm]


Big Collapse will be replacing My Hotel Year untilthe begining of July with Brandtson, so you have to check them out when they come to a town near you!!! Here are the dates:

06.16.2004 Little Rock AR Vino's w/ Brandtson
06.17.2004 Oklahoma City OK The Conservatory w/ Brandtson
06.18.2004 Lawrence KS The Bottleneck w/ Brandtson
06.19.2004 Amarillo TX The Refuge w/ Brandtson
06.20.2004 Prescott AZ 209 Coffee w/ Brandtson
06.21.2004 Pheonix AZ Modified Arts w/ Brandtson
06.22.2004 Anaheim CA Chain Reaction w/ Brandtson, Transistor Radio, Cursor
06.23.2004 Los Angeles CA The Knitting Factory w/ Brandtson, The Actual
06.25.2004 Santa Cruz CA Los Gatos Outhouse w/ Brandtson
06.26.2004 Sacramento CA Capitol Garage w/ Brandtson
06.28.2004 San Diego CA Epicentre w/ Brandtson, The Actual
06.29.2004 Salt Lake City UT Kilby Court w/ Brandtson
06.30.2004 Denver CO Rock Island w/ Brandtson
07.01.2004 Omaha NE Ranch Bowl w/ Brandtson
07.02.2004 Cedar Rapids IA World Theatre w/ Brandtson

They will also be heading up to Canada this July. Here are the dates for those shows:

07.03.2004 Windsor FA The Vatican // Ontario, Canada
07.04.2004 London FA The Embassy Hotel // Ontario, Canada
07.05.2004 Northhamilton FA The Underground // Ontario, Canada
07.07.2004 Kingston FA G Spot // Ontario, Canada
07.08.2004 Toronto FA The Rockit Club // Ontario, Canada
07.10.2004 Peterborough FA The Trasheteria // Ontario, Canada
07.11.2004 St. Catherines FA Bedlam Society // Ontario, Canada
07.12.2004 Ottawa FA Club Saw // Ontario, Canada
07.14.2004 Thunder Bay FA The Apollo // Ontario, Canada

So go out and enjoy their amazing show!!!


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Pictures [09 May 2004|04:37pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Chain Reaction 5/8Collapse )

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THE Big Collapse [02 Apr 2004|07:31pm]

[ mood | content ]

I bought THE Big Collapse cd the other day at Bionic, the last one I mind you. Anyways, it rocks socks; it even rocks shoes!!!!!!!! Except that it is missing two very important things: Gavin and Kyle!!

Lots of Love,


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[26 Mar 2004|09:48am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey guys.

sorry about this but, i have a question and its not related to big collapse, but theyre on the militia group. does anyone know where i can download some tora tora torrance? my cd got stolen and i'm going through withdrawl...

thanks :)


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Biggest fan........... [24 Mar 2004|08:11pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I was in my room listening to "Prototype" for about the 400th time, when I realized that I have to be the biggest Big Collapse fan, well at least out of all the people I know. Because I have been to about six or seven of there shows, like I said I have listened to "Protoype" about 400 times, and even though they didn't take me on tour with them (no resentment..........yeah right, who am I kidding, I still a little hurt;but anyways.........) I still love the guys. So thats all I have to say and I can't wait until May when they play here so I can see them again.

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[16 Mar 2004|10:40pm]

active community...

...la la la...
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[14 Mar 2004|08:56am]

How was I invited to join this group? I heard Big Collapse on the Militia Group cd, and liked them. But I dont know how I was noticed?

oh well, its cool.

You guys should play in New England.
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BIG COLLAPSE [13 Mar 2004|06:00pm]

[ mood | good ]

Welcome to the community that is dedicated to the great band Big Collapse. This was created for everyone to rant and rave on how amazing this band is. So share stories, show reviews, pictures, anything about Big Collapse.

Here are some tour dates for everyone, so check them out:

3/13 W. Palm Beach, FL @ Ray's Downtown Blues Bar w/ Tokyo Rose and Audio Karate

3/14 St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre w/ Tokyo Rose and Audio Karate

3/15 Tampa, FL @ Green Room w/ Tokyo Rose, Audio Karate

3/16 Tallahassee, FL @ Big Daddy's w/ Tokyo Rose, Audio Karate

3/19 Austin, TX @ The Backroom (South by Southwest) w/ The Beautiful Mistake, Anadivine, The Kick, Still Life Projector, Die Trying, Papa Roach

3/23 El Paso, TX @ E9 w/ Audio Karate

3/24 Lubbock, TX @ Tokyo Joe's w/ Audio Karate

3/25 Tucson, AZ @ Skrappy's w/ Audio Karate

3/26 Tempe, AZ @ Clubhouse w/ Audio Karate

3/27 Flagstaff, AZ @ Mad Eye w/ Audio Karate

3/31 Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry's Pizza and Pub w/ Audio Karate

4/3 Fremont, CA @ Orange Peal Warehouse w/ Audio Karate

4/4 Fallon, NV  @ Jive and Java w/ Audio Karate

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